Finroi Ltd provides mechanical design, robotics solutions and subcontracting services. The company was established in 2011.

Company's workshop completed in 2014

We are using SolidWorks CAD software. Depending on the customer's need we can developing and manufacturing tailor made equipments and parts assemblies or just individual single parts.

The robotic solutions may include, for example, fast and precision handling of very small parts. Products testing and measuring operations. Large and heavy components handling and processing. Machined and casted parts surface finishing and deburring jobs using a robot. Products packaging and carton box forming, conveyors and robot grippers.

Developing of unique and tailor made equipment or robotic solutions are normally including for example electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components as well as machine vision, robotics and programming services.












We have an extensive many years experience and knowledge in machine guided robotic solutions and automation application developments for customers production. It is a good idea to turn to us and we can propose to you solutions for production developing.

Together with machine vision and robust made automation solutions we can directly affect in production quality requirements.

Subcontracting manufacturing, we use a CNC tool milling machine, CNC lathe, automatic band saw, and other tools necessary for the prototype workshop.

Contact to us freely and let's find out together how we can service you!